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The Euphonic Voyage

A book that captures the enchanting stories of Beyond sound and societal barriers. The children of SAHI, with courage as their compass and resilience as their sails, taught us that true beauty lies not just in hearing melodies, but in the rhythm of their indomitable spirits. Their Euphonic Voyage inspires the world to embrace every note of diversity, for it is in unity that we create the most enchanting symphonies.

A beautiful coffee Tabel book written by Sahhil K


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Euphonic Voyage

"Euphonic Voyage" is a captivating coffee table book that showcases the inspiring journey of 20 children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who received cochlear implants with the support of SAHI-NGO. Through heartwarming success stories, vibrant photographs, and insightful interviews, this book highlights how these children overcame hearing challenges and achieved remarkable success in various aspects of life. Witness their triumphs, dreams fulfilled, and the positive impact of SAHI-NGO's dedication to providing equal opportunities for children with hearing impairments. This beautifully illustrated book is not only a celebration of their achievements but also an inspiration for others to believe in the power of compassion and transformative change.


A  word from Saahil

Diya and I live in the USA. She is an 8th grader and I am a Junior in High School. Diya is a passionate cartoonist and I enjoy writing stories and poetry. We bring to you, in collaboration with the Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired (SAHI), this collection of short stories- Euphonic Voyage: Sailing Beyond Sound and Social Barriers.      The passion that went into this project is based deeply in the incredible work done by SAHI. Surrounded by family, lovingly crammed around the dinner table, we remember in vivid detail listening to the the noble stories SAHI has been a part of, wondering to ourselves, “how can people born with so much less than us rise to such incredible heights?”. Over many summers, we have had the privilege to meet several cochlear implantees and witness the work that SAHI does. When Diya and I were presented with the opportunity to represent these incredible people and carry their stories out into the wider world, we jumped at the chance to contribute in the best way we could!       These efforts, born out of deep respect and passion for the work SAHI does to change the lives of people, finally culminated in this collection inspiring short stories, each one handcrafted for the unique and inspiring journey their respective hero undertook. Euphonic Voyage: Sailing Beyond Sound and Social Barriers is the pinnacle of our artistic ability, forged from the fires of our hearts and souls.

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